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The current focus of gngr development is to improve CSS 2.1 layout support. We run the test suites from W3C using an automated tool.

CSS2.1 test results

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Log message

Total progressions in gngr: 87, regressions: 7

  • improvements to generated content. progressions: 21
  • updated jstyleparser to lastest commit. fixes bug in selectors with multiple pseudo-elements. progressions: 1
  • better handling of table anonymous boxes. progressions: 31, regressions: 3
  • support for display:inline-table. progressions: 34, regressions: 3

Total progressions in gngr: 75

  • ensure display:table-column and tabe-column-group are parsed and displayed correctly. progressions: 4.
  • preliminary support for :before and :after. 20 Progs, 7 Regres.
  • changes related to min/max width and height. progressions: 32, regressions: 1.
  • updated to latest jstyleparser. progressions 19.
  • support auto margins for relative elements. progressions: 0. But helps center wikipedia's hero element.

gngr: many layout improvements. Total progresssions: 137

  • changed the default margin of common elements to 1em This matches the expectation of the css21 tests, and seems to be what other browsers are using. progressions: 81
  • reduce table available width by row-group border width progressions: 6
  • different algo for computing origin for an absolute positioned element progressions: 3
  • table layout: consider border insets when expanding/shrinking columns progressions: 32
  • repaint table-row-group when image is loaded Progressions: 6
  • Account for scrollbar thickness when computing width/height of pos renderables progressions: 2
  • compute maxy differently progressions: 7

Improvements to gngr's table layouting

  • table layout: support for row-groups.
  • 26 progressions
  • 4 pseudo-regressions (reference test now renders correctly)
  • table layout: default cellspacing is now 0 (+188)

Improvements to gngr layouting

  • apply auto styles only for static elements (+9)
  • Background of root element should fall back to body element (+4)
  • Updated tests to latest nightly (gngr run, firefox run pending)
  • better table support
  • Recognize table rows and cells by display property, instead of tag names
  • Recognize more units for table cell width, height, etc Progressions: 2 Semi-regressions: 6, caused by better rendering of tests
  • handle "auto" for top, bottom, left, right, width, height properties of absolute/fixed elements (+36)
  • Use previous render state as a fallback when computing font spec Progressions: 20 Semi-regressions: 10. These are caused because:
    • the correct font computation results in larger fonts which causes more pixel differences
    • one of the test results in a scrollbar (because of the larger font).
  • Fixed background image offset calculation (+6)
  • relative positioning: handle auto values for left and top correctly (+3)
  • Fit floats on same line whenever possible (+7)
  • honour font-size:0 (+39)

Improvements to gngr layouting

  • support for min-width and min-height (+35)
  • support for none in max-width and max-height (+2)
  • Detect XHTML and use XHTML specific element matcher (+9)
  • support for css vertical-align (+5)
  • updated jstyleparser, correct impl of helperTryBoth

Meta updates

  • Stricter image comparison
  • gngr: disable rendering hints (aliasing) while testing
  • updated css21 test suite to latest nightly

many fixes to layouting in gngr

  • update to latest jstyleparser that fixes parsing of edge-cases
  • make "utf-8" the default charset
  • implement position:relative for inline elements
  • compute x-height of font
  • honor the css width/height for table cells
  • support for transparent color
  • infer border color
  • implied border width
  • margin-collapse
  • fix to CDATA parsing, 3 regr, 3 progr
  • fix for color inherited from html element
  • update jstyleparser with fix for numbers in id selector
  • fix for invalid color specs in jstyleParser
  • dpi fix, progressions: 29
  • correctly marked two failures in gngr
  • fix border-style:hidden

update testcases to latest nightly build


Lenient matching of pixels in screenshots.


First stable gngr baseline


Removed background color definition for body element. See gngr GH-181