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"ginger" is an old-fashioned new browser!

It loves html & css but is skeptical about cookies, scripts and plugins

Cookies and scripts are supported but are disabled by default. They can be enabled for trusted sites. There are no plans for plugins yet.

Its internal modules are firmly sandboxed

For example, the css module can't access your filesystem nor can cookie code access the network. This is in addition to the sandboxing and same-origin policies of a typical browser.

It is built with a high-level language and runtime (Java)

We believe this choice can improve stability and security since high-level code is easier to write and audit.

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Alpha versions are available for testing. Head to the download page and blog for more information.


Is it fast?

Not yet. Speed is lower priority in the current development cycle.

Will it be slow because it is written in Java?

Nope; we don't think so. Most Java run-times perform very well for long-running applications. It might consume more memory though.

"Why Java?" and other FAQs

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