Downloading gngr

Latest version: 0.3.16

Link gngr-0.3.16.jar
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SHA256 SUM9806708983f7c147f39157dc1dd58a8ea1cd5cd39e3899a11e8dbac21c76e87d
Size9579569 bytes
Published On7 Aug 2022
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Pre-requisitesJava 8


gngr will run on any platform with a Java run-time environment. The minimum required version of Java is 8. Either Oracle JRE, OpenJDK or Zulu will work.

No separate installation step is required. The jar is self sufficient. After downloading it, you can run it with the following command:

java -jar gngr-0.3.16.jar

... or by double-clicking the jar in a graphical directory viewer.


This is an unstable release intended for evaluation and testing. Think of it as a proof-of-concept and not a complete browser.

Please do not use this version for important / critical websites such as banking websites or web-based email clients. You may safely use it with read-only websites and relatively simple web-apps such as HackerNews, Reddit and DuckDuckGo.


We advise you to sandbox the app and clear the cache periodically. You can read more about it in the wiki.