The Lobo Project

gngr is built upon the foundation laid by the Lobo project. The upstream project stopped progress in 2009. There were many changes required to make the project stable, secure and bring it upto date with modern standards.

(Update H1 2015) The upstream project is now being maintained by a new admin and the original domain has also expired. We have deleted the link to the old domain. It used to be located at



We are using this library for parsing and analysing CSS.


Mozilla's Rhino Javascript engine.


The critical reason for using okhttp is that support for cookies is broken in Java standard libs. As bonus, we get many other features from okhttp such as SPDY support.

h2 database

We are using this embedded database library for storing user data.


jOOQ helps us write type-safe SQL. The use of this is currently minimal since our DB schema is very small.


Public Suffix List

Java API for the public-suffix-list maintained by Mozilla. We only have very small modifications over this; we removed some external dependencies to help integration.

Web Platform Tests

A huge collection of tests for the web platform from various volunteers. Helps us check our progress.


Performance tests for Javascript. But we used them more as functionality tests. This was before we found the web platform tests.


An IRC bot service that logs our IRC channel.